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Kids are the most amazing things that God gave us. Kids have their ways of learning things and them always come up with ideas of how they can explore the word. The kids learning has been made easy by the current technology that we are having. YouTube is one of the sites they use on the internet to learn more about new things. Some of the most visited youtube sides by the kids include the following.

Opening of kinder or the surprise egg is one of the things that the kids are curious of knowing. The kinder eggs are made of chocolate and they are filled up with little toys. The egg is made of plastic and it is filled with so many toys. People like making videos for themselves on how the egg is opened and most little kids watch this game on youtube. Another the thing that kids like watching online are the Masha and the bear. This is a Russian children’s television series that focuses on the adventures of the good-natured yet mischievous Masha, and bear, a former circus perform. In this TV series, Masha speaks in Russians and most of the kids who speak English don’t understand anything.

Another wired thing that the kids like watching is the egg hatching process. The kids are very interested in know how a baby chick comes into the world and that is why they watch the videos on youtube on the hatching process. There are over 11 views on youtube on the egg hatching process. Another site the kids like watching is the cake tutorial. Most of the kids especially girls like baking and they view the steps of making a cake keenly. You will find most kids on youtube watching the American girl doll stop motion. This is where an American girl fanatic makes films starring their dolls using the animation technique of stop motion. This process requires a lot of photo taking and for this reason, it is tedious.

Another thing mostly use by the kids on youtube is play doh reviews. The enthusiasts of the play doh demonstrates how it works online and they use ice cream in most cases. The daddy finger song is another thing that is commonly watched by the kids.This is a nursery rhyme that is creepy and it will not leave your head quickly. Another thing that is watched on youtube is kids meeting their princesses. Also they watch, little pony videos, the even tube HD, the SpongeBob in Minecraft, the hot wheel cars or the matchboxes, unboxing, the plants vs. zombies run thoughts.

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